The Duck Clan of Ojibwe are famed for their enchanted pine needles, small, unerringly accurate little sprigs of magic that can wreak obnoxious or even deadly effects. The following list is just the known needles; the clan's magicians have been known to come up with new ones.

All Pine Needles - travel insanely fast, always hit, do 1 dm, and inflict one of four effects:

Thunderclap - Save vs. spell or be hurled backward and off your feet for 1-2 rounds

Summer Rain - Save vs. spell or sleep for 1-4 rounds

Prairie Fire - Save vs. spell or catch fire (d4, d4, d6, d8, d10 damage - stop at any point to roll or douse to stop spread of flames)

Chain lightning - Do d6 to first target hit; leaps to next nearest target for 2d6, next for 3d6, next for 2d6, next for d6

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