Located to north and east of Loon Clan territory, the secluded Falling Water Monastery is located within earshot of three different waterfalls. Its head is Father Aabalard, and he presides over just two remaining monks. Three of its monks were killed in 811 by Kepe'Mou'Jamana - the Hooked Death, also known as the Demon in the Black Tower. This demon was eventually slain by the New Brevik Travelers.

The building itself is a stately three story affair, neatly crafted from local hardwoods that emerge from a solid stone foundation. A stone well sits in the courtyard out front; to the right is a small carriage house and storehouse, to the left is a statue of Odin holding aloft Gungnir, his spear, with one hand, with his ravens Thought and Memory on his shoulders and another hand resting on his belt.