The capital of the Whitefish Clan, Gete-Oodanaang, is home to about 2,500 people in the winter months; about half that in the warmer months, when the tribespeople spread out to hunt in the forest and fish on the lake. Most of the town is spread out across a sheltered cove protected by high granite cliffs, upon which a substantial fortress is established. The town itself has extensive sheltered docks suitable for housing a medium sized fleet from a major Lake Superior storm. The clan's chief (and the town's presiding officer) is Leading Eagle, a renowned healer and diviner of spirits. Any standard armor, gear, or weapons can be had in Gete-Oodanaang at about 80% of the rate of Tammisaari. In addition, there are a few other specialties for sale in the town.

Leading Eagle's Medicines

Small (heal 1-8hp): 40cp

Large (2-16hp): 80cp

Grand (3-24hp): 140cp

Medicine of the Fish - water breathing for 4 hours: 1sp

Medicine of the Mole - wall walking for 1 Turn: 3sp

Eye of the Thunderbird - +2 to hit for 1 Turn: 2sp

Medicine of the Frog - 4 rounds, 20' a leap: 1sp

Standing Boar's Pantry

Whitefish Ration - 6cp

Venison Ration - 12 cp

Pemmican Ration -10cp

Royal Pemmican - 60cp (heal a full 4hp at night)

Labrador Tea (1 week's worth - not filling, but provides protection against normal cold weather and +2 save against cold) - 30 cp

Laughing Loon's Fletchery and Armory

Whitefish Arrows (12) - 4sp

Lake Trout Arrows (12) - 6sp

Whitefish Spear +1 (+3 against evil; double damage to undead) - 10sp

+2 Studded Leather - 8sp

+2 Leather of the Eagle (Glide once a day) - 12sp

+2 Leather of the Phoenix (fire heals up to 50hp a day; after that, still harmless) - 24sp

+1 Fireproof Bucker (save +4 vs fire) - 10sp

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