The Giant Raid of 812 was an attempted invasion (and destruction) of the human city of New Brevik by a combined force of giants, maymaygweshi, Can-Abraxas (a young adult black dragon), elements of the Loon Clan led by Little Loon, and Black Bear Clan warriors.


The New Moon conspirators, defeated in battle, withdrew to their homeland in the north to defend Loon Clan territory against an army of Eagle Clan undead marching out of Lake Superior toward their capital.

The council house of New Brevik was destroyed, and close to 500 townspeople and warriors were killed in the battle. Jarl Karl Onstad perished and his body was abducted by the town's attackers.

The city of New Brevik was shifted to war footing with the Black Bear and Loon Clans.

The Loon Clan civil war power dynamic was shifted away from Little Loon and toward Striped Cloud Woman and Gray Owl.

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