Glow Fish (Illusionist Spell)

Level 2  Components: V, S, M
Range: 2" per level Casting time: 1 round
Duration: 1 turn  Saving Throw: Negates
Area of Effect: Special

Glow Fish summons into being a hypnotic, multihued glowing fish. (The spell must be cast into a body of water at least as big as a large pail.) Once per round, the illusionist can cause the fish to charm a target, which must then save or jump into the water to try to catch the fish. On subsequent rounds, the target must save versus spell; if failing that save, it must make a constitution check or drown. There is a cumulative penalty of +2 for every round after the first check. The fish can only be destroyed by casting dispel magic or magic missile upon it. It does not disappear if the illusionist ceases concentration, but nor does it ensnare or maintain a hold on an enemy.

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