Isle Royale is the homeland of the Elves of Lake Superior. Before their arrival several hundred years earlier, it was home to the Plano People, who mined it for copper.

The island is the key site of commerce and culture for the men, elves, and dwarves of the Lake, and enjoys a central location and many natural resources including copious minerals, natural caves, and an old-growth hardwood forest.


Map of Isle Royale

Points of Interest

Tammisaari - The Elven capital city and home to the great sauna of Isle Royale.

Abo Tower - A grand watchtower.

Nilsia Lighthouse - As Abo Tower is to Tammisaari, the Nilsia Lighthouse once was to Old Tammisaari - a watch tower and fortress against evil. It is known that something has taken residence there, and not even Jaana Rajala will venture in to find out what it is.

Old Tammisaari - The former site of the elven city has become a ruins after a successful attack by a monstrous coalition in 777.

Lojo - The northern town of Lojo (pop. 1,200) is the (distant) second city of the island, and its people earn a living by fishing and crafting wooden furniture.

The Maalo Forest - Filled with old-growth pines, cherry trees, and maples, the forest is a financial and spiritual asset of the island's elves, and guarded zealously by them. Logging is extremely limited and controlled.

Kouvola - The "Tip Town" of Kouvola (pop. 700) is known for its Foragers, who walk the woods, the mountain of Ukkova, and the Wendigo Coast in search of components and rare mushrooms. The town was attacked and partially destroyed in 814 by a band of Eagle Clan warriors. The New Brevik Travelers were instrumental in repelling the attack and saving many inhabitants of the town.

Pori - Little Pori (pop. 350) is the smallest of the towns on the island, and its people are renowned coffee growers and roasters. The town rests in the shade of Mt. Ukkova, a mostly wild part of the island that is home a band of reclusive druids, greenhags, and at least two giants.

Nearby Islands

Kataja - A herd of white deer make their home on Kataja; their meat is said to be richer and more flavorful than their cousins on the island and mainland. There is also reputedly a great White Stag of Kataja.

Kokar - An old Plano worship site - there are the ruins of an abandoned temple here.

Soisalo - Home to some of the most singular medicinal herbs on the lake, but also, by reputation, a coven of Greenhags.

Harmaja - A small, half-rocky, half-woodsy island owned by the family of Kauppi the Fletcher. Formerlly home to the Wolf of Harmaja, slain by the New Brevik Travelers.

Uja - This rarely visited island has a number of massive ruined columns scattered about its surface, and is known as a possible gate to the Plane of Earth.

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