Lake Superior Campaign - skills available:

(Players get all "automatic" skills + two more; 17 intelligence is a skill bonus, 18 intelligence is two skill bonus; new skill or improvement to skill every 3 levels afterwards - lv 4, lev 7, etc.)

Becoming double proficient in a skill gives a -2 bonus to any skill checks and can allow for additional tiers of achievement within that skill. Triple proficient is the most proficient one can attain, and takes four skill points 1 + 1 + 2 at the end.

Alchemy - Int
Animal Empathy [Automatic: Ojibwe] - Cha
Appraise - Wis
Climb - Dex
Cartography - Int
Craft: Arrowcrafting - Con
Craft: Armorsmithing - Con
Craft: Bowmaking - Con
Craft: Carpentry - Con
Craft: Gemcutting - Dex
Craft: Leatherworking - Con
Craft: Locksmithing - Dex
Craft: Shipwright - Con
Craft: Weaponsmithing - Con
Craft: Weaver - Int
Disguise - Wis
Fishing - Wis
Heal [Automatic: Ojibwe healer or Cleric] - Int
Herbal Lore - Int
Hunting - Wis
Move Silently - Dex
Mushroom Foraging - Wis
Profession: Brewer - Wis
Profession: Cook - Cha
Profession: Farmer - Wis
Profession: Sailor - Int
Profession: Lumberjack - Str
Profession: Mason - Int
Profession: Miner - Con
Ride - Con
Speak Language: Ojibwe [Automatic for Ojibwe]; Cree; Elven; Frankish; Nordic [Automatic] - Int
Swim [Automatic for all]
Use Rope - Dex
Wilderness Lore [Automatic: Ojibwe] - Wis