Little Loon is a renowned Mashkiki-winini and the leader of one of the two factions that currently makes up the Loon Clan. Little Loon's faction was predisposed toward war against New Brevik, and staged an attack on the town in concert with the Black Bear Clan and giants known as the Raid of Giants. He is assisted by two sons of the Loon Clan's former chief, The Sound of a Flying Bird: Laughing Crow and the Tchissaki-winini Goose in the Dust (his brother).

His opposition most prominently includes Striped Cloud Woman, the daughter of the Loon Clan's former chief, The Sound of a Flying Bird, and her brothers Gray Owl, Flying Duck, and Loon at Dawn.

Little Loon has been described as "a tall, incredibly lean man in his late thirties with a flat nose and bulging eyes."

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