Generally regarded as servants of Matchi-auwish, the maymaygweshi are small (3-5 feet tall), vicious, and generally seen as having a canine aspect. They run in bands of 20-100 individuals, usually under the thrall of chieftans and shamans, and sometimes in collaboration with giants, ogres, or rogue humans. Their typical weapons include barbed nets, tridents, and short swords, and their burrow-like lairs are often rife with booby traps and pitfalls.

They are found all over the shores of Lake Superior, but they are most concentrated on the south central shore and generally shy away from the wendigo-haunted north coast.

Like the ogres they often associate with, they are not above a snack of human-flesh from time to time, and they are more prone to kill their prisoners than ransom or release them. As such, they are generally shown no mercy by the Nords or Ojibwe who happen upon them, and little kindess is shown in return.

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