The original settlement of the elves on Isle Royale is now known as Old Tammisaari, owing to its destruction by a Meshupeshu and its allies in 777. While it once was a white-marble- and birch-clad wonder of the lake it is now a ruins, inhabited only by Jaana Rajala:

You have arrived in Old Tammisaari, and the contrast with its modern namesake couldn't be more pronounced. Although there are traces of elven grace in its blackened spires and rotted festival halls, the main thing that strikes you about this place is decay. There are toppled pillars, burned out frames of homes and warehouses, and very little in working repair. Trees have grown up among the ruins and the place is half city, half wilderness. And although it has been decades since the place was overrun and abandoned, there are still traces of battle scattered about - a sword hilt here, part of a skull there. A quick survey of the area from higher ground reveals that there are about buildings that could be called "towers," all made from stone and covered in vines, all more than four stories tall, all in reasonable repair.