The Pellervoinen Family is one of the two strongest of the twelve noble houses of Tammisaari. It held the kingship for many years until 777, the year of the meshupeshu attack that destroyed Old Tammisaari. It recently regained control of the kingship from the Vainola Family after the Vote of February.

The main division between the Vainola and Pellervoinen families is over the direction of Isle Royale foreign policy - the former advocate an isolationist policy, and the latter would seek to ally with the men of the clans and New Brevik against the Eagle Clan and other monstrous threats.

The head of the clan is King Laaka Pellervoinen.

Commercial Interests







Maalo Forest


Mt. Ukkova

Elves at Arms (Estimated)


Symbol and Motto

An outline of Isle Royale; "The Island in the Lake"

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