There are dozens of kinds of enchanted runestones that mark Nord propery, city lines, roads, fields, and more. The kinds below are a mere sampling. A priest of 7th level or higher is required to create a runestone.

Runestones can be physically destroyed, but they will attach a curse unless they are destroyed by a high-level priest performing a disenchantment ritual.

Stone of Ehwaz: This is a travel stone. Mages can teleport to this stone from dozens or hundreds of miles away. (Requires P9, 18 gold pieces, one month of time)

Stone of Suwulu: The undead fight at -2 to hit -2 dm -2 savings throw within a half-mile of this glowing stone. (Requires P7, 12 gold pieces, two weeks of time)

Stone of Fehu: Fields and streams overlooked by this stone are extremely productive and fertile. (Requires P7, 20 gold pieces, one month of time)

Stone of Isa: This curse stone is often hidden in underbrush or behind other stones. Within 1/2 mile, winter is fierce - stonefalls double, temperatures are 5-15 degrees colder, and ice forms more quickly. (Requires P10, 12 gold pieces, two months of time)

Stone of Perb: Worshippers of Odin, Thor, Tyr, and all other non-evil Nord gods recieve +1 to hit, +1 damage, +1 to save within sight of this stone (Requires P7, 12 gold pieces, two weeks of time)

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