Located in Tammisaari, the School of Magus Martial is one of the known world's dozen great institutions of higher magical learning, and only one of two in the New World. Here close to 100 mages and illusionists in training, at various points in their careers, teach, learn, spar, trade, haggle, research and generally advance their knowledge of the arcane arts. The building itself looks different to different observers depending upon their alignments, a property of some long-standing enchantment that protects and infuses the institution.

LG - A horseshoe-shaped series of pearl-tiled white rock spires enclosing a central courtyard of crystal-blue-water filled fountains cascading over white marble.
NG - A horseshoe-shaped series of silver-bricked townhouses enclosing a central courtyard of clear water-filled fountains cascading over blue and white-flecked gray marble.
CG - A horseshoe-shaped series of massive carved birch trunks enclosing a central courtyard of scintillating-rainbow-tinted-water-filled fountains cascading over stacks of natural rocks.

LN - A horseshoe-shaped series of hollowed-out granite slabs enclosing a central courtyard of coffee-filled fountains cascading over massive stacks of silver tankards.
N  - A horseshoe-shaped series of red-brick townhouses enclosing a central courtyard of milk-filled fountains cascading over a series of porcelin logs and chutes.
CN - A horseshoe-shaped series of massive carved pine logs enclosing a central courtyard of tea-filled fountains cascading over lumps of sugar.

LE - A horseshoe-shaped series of black basalt towers enclosing a central courtyard of wine-filled fountains cascading over black marble.
NE - A horseshoe-shaped series of gravestone-crafted townhouses enclosing a central courtyard of rum-filled fountains cascading over towering piles of swords, cutlasses, and daggers.
CE - A horseshoe-shaped series of burnt tree trunks enclosing a central courtyard of whsikey-filled fountains cascading over irregularly shaped charcoal lumps.

Potions can be made to order by the arcane artisans of the college and scrolls are available for sale, but at a steep price. The college will also consider buying rare spells, artifacts, material components, and other arcana - it will also accept items in trade (at 150% of value that they'd be bought for) or as donations (donate >5000cp in items and become a member of the School of Magus Martial.

Odds of Spells Being Available for Mages and Illusionists:
LV 1 - 95%
LV 2 - 85%
LV 3 - 75%
LV 4 - 60%
LV 5 - 45%
LV 6 - 35%
LV 7 - 25%
LV 8 - Roll for 3-12 that are available
LV 9 - Roll for 2-5 that are available

List price of spells: 400cp a level
Outsiders can't buy any spells > level 5
Outsider prices are 150% of list

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