The massive edifice of birch and silver and green cloth called The Green Tower of Tammisaari is actually three concentric towers filled with apartments, armories, and laboratories. It's the headquarters of the Vainola Family, the ruling family of Tammisaari since the destruction of Old Tammisaari (which was controlled by the Pellervoinen clan, now something of a loyal opposition force within the city.)

Once every 100 years, The Green Tower is burned to the ground in a ceremony called the Renewal.

Memories of The Green Tower:

Four halberd-wielding guards in shimmering plate-and-chain mail meet your group to escort you up the grand stone steps leading up to the Tammisaari Sauna. Each step conforms to your feet as you climb it, making the trip as gentle on your feet as walking on loamy soil.

After being escorted through the warmth of the sauna, your group emerges onto the bridge of stars. You've seen it glowing in the evening while spending time in Tammisaari, lit by thousands of pulsing green and white star-like lights. What you hadn't noticed is that the bridge itself is made of a glass-like material that is essentially invisible; other than the lights, you feel as though you're walking on air while your cross the bridge, a sensation is that as uncomfortable as it is delightful.

After a surprisingly long walk across the bridge, you find yourself climbing curved wooden stairs rising up through green tower - the guards bring you several stories up before knocking rhymically on an unmarked wooden door that creaks musically open in response. You find yourself looking into a feasthall - white birch floors, massive oak tables laden with food and wine and mithril servingware, and floating white and green globes filled with flickering flame providing a dim but joyous light to the proceedings. A harpist and two wooodwind players fill the room with song. As you enter the hall, you see King Pikko Vainola seated with seven other elves, resplendent in rich robes of silver and scarlet. He wears a seven pointed crown of mithril that seems to glow internally, and while none of the other elves at the table are armed, he wears a slender, curved dagger at his side.