The Sieur Du Luth Company is a collection of about 500 trappers, hunters, fishermen, explorers, adventurers, and general rabble rousers based out of New Brevik. Their members range the full span of the lake, minus the Wendigo Coast in winter. They are obnoxiously competitive, inured to cold, heat, and insect bites, and generally good men to have on one's side during a fight. They range in temperament from drunk and belligerant to friendly and belligerant, and are usually the best people to ask for navigational pointers... assuming you have reason to believe that they take you seriously.

The Company pays a tariff to the Jarl of New Brevik, and also an annual tribute to the King of Isle Royale. Certain clans (particularly the Serpent Cland and Duck Clan) have a kill-on-sight attitute toward the Company due to various misunderstandings and/or deadly encounters in the past.