WEATHER (if October->November or March->April, add 10% to roll

0-10  Dead calm
11-35 Relatively calm, low wind (d8 to determine direction)
36-50 Strong wind (d8 to find direction)
51-70 Relatively calm, precipitation
71-80 Strong wind, rain or snow
81-90 Strong storm
91-92 Strong storm + Seiche
93-95 Strong storm + Three Sisters
96-99 Massive storm
100-109 Five-year storm
110 100-year storm

Moisture (add 2 if Oct-Nov, or Mar-Apr)

1-4 Dry
5-6 light precipitation / ice (less than a half inch of rain)
7-8 Moderate precipitation (a half inch of rain)
9 Heavy precipitation (1-2 inches of rain)
10 Deluge (2+ inches)

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