Eating wild mushrooms at random is a dangerous sport; the skill of mycology is recommended for those who would try it. They are found in amounts ranging from 1-10 pounds (or 1-100 pounds in places like magical springs or particularly fecund underground caverns.)

If you choose to roll the dice and eat wild mushrooms, the odds look like this:

0-5% Deadly poisonous - save or die (drop to -5, need cure poison to revive) - save means incapacitated for 6 turns

6-15% Poisonous - save or take 1-8 hp damage and be incapacitated for 6 turns - a save means incapacitated for 3 turns

16-30% Slightly poisonous - save or by ill / incapacitated for 6 turns

31-75% Edible, barely - tastes terrible

76-90% Edible and tasty, suitable for cooking with and salable for 10 cp a pound

91-94% Edible and delicious, salable for 30 cp a pound

95-98% Useful in magic - salable for 50 cp a pound

99-100% Curative - cures poison, and heals 1-4 cp, 10 doses per pound, salable for 250 cp a pound